The beginning

Our journey begins in Q3 2022

Since the first day Cryptomania plans to gather all the investors & traders together to help each others, share knowledge and experience. Cryptomania is not just a media company. It’s also a huge trading community. 
Cryptomania plans to be the biggest crypto community out there!

Quality over Quantity

Best place to inform yourself and gain experience

Our Traders, Bloggers and Reporters are the experts in their field, we are looking to help all of our members with the latest news, market analyses and share profitable trades with the members.

Changing the world

We’re just getting started

How’s time pass by, We aim to grow daily with the member count, partners and to have much bigger team of the traders and reporters!
We plan to build many charities with our community and to be able to change people’s lives, clean part of the ocean, help endangered animals and much much more!
Thank to everyone who will be supporting Cryptomania through this journey.
This is just the beginning and we’re just getting started!

Elisha Orr

Premium Member

“I’m Amazed with their support. They are doing everything to please the members.”

James Stein

Premium Member

“Never seen something like this. Quality is just an insane.”

Ema Jenkins


“I’ve been member on the Cryptomania for a while. I believe that together we can change the world.”

Leonardo Huffman


“Everything about Cryptomania is just perfect. I Can’t describe how good experiences i had with them.”