Trusted Node – The DeFi Yield Maximizer for Everyone to Reap Rewards

Trusted Node is one of the prime movers in the DeFi space that encourages everyone’s participation in the ecosystem by offering them a rewarding staking experience. A creation of Stefan Rust, the ex-CEO of, Trusted Node is a universal validator node network that serves as a one-stop-shop for the crypto community’s staking needs.

What is Trusted Node?

A game changing liquidity staking and yield generation platform, Trusted Node is a collection of validator nodes on some of the leading and upcoming Proof of Stake blockchain ecosystems. Through this collection, the project offers users with a unified access, where they can stake their crypto holdings into any of the supported validator nodes without worrying about the infrastructure requirements. By doing so, users will not only play a vital role in securing the PoS network but also earn better staking rewards in the process.

Apart from enabling the users to earn staking rewards, Trusted Node ensures that they are not starved of liquidity by issuing synthetic tokens representing their stake. With the value of these synthetic tokens pegged to that of the actual asset staked by the user, they can conveniently use it to participate in liquidity pools and invest in yield generating opportunities.

That’s not all, Trusted Node’s native $TNODE token comes as an icing on the cake as it helps users boost their validator staking rewards. By locking $TNODE in a vault for a certain duration, users can earn a share of the daily vault rewards, which is proportional to their stake in the pool. $TNODE holders can also take part in the DAO and general governance of the Trusted Node ecosystem which also includes the privilege of floating and voting on proposals to introduce new validator nodes, appropriation of resources for different PoS networks and more.

Benefiting from Trusted Node

Apart from being a single point of entry for users to stake across multiple PoS networks, the Trusted Node ecosystem addresses the issue of accessibility in terms of infrastructure requirement, minimum staking amount and locked liquidity. Depending on the network, the requirements to operate a validator node can be a challenging, both in terms of resources and skills, which makes a lot of people miss out on the opportunity to earn steady rewards. With Trusted Node setting up and operating validator nodes for leading and promising PoS networks, anyone can stake their assets and earn the accompanying rewards.

On the other hand, staking in validator nodes requires users to lock their assets over a long time to earn fixed rewards in return. Trusted Node enables users to free that liquidity in the form of wrapped tokens and deposit in AMMs or Vaults to earn rewards, which is in addition to the staking rewards.

Trusted Node has created an ecosystem where both PoS networks and tokenholders stand to benefit. While the PoS protocols will have more than adequate tokens staked in their validator nodes to secure their network, the stakers will continue enjoying access to liquidity while their actual assets stay lock with the validator nodes.

With the added convenience and yield optimization facilities, Trusted Node encourages more participation in DeFi ecosystems and prevents concentration of wealth and power among few.

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