Unmasking Dino N: “The Man who Predicted Everything”

 Unmasking Dino N: “The Man who Predicted Everything”

Explore the mind of an anonymous crypto investor who predicted the crypto crash and COVID variant.

As a crypto investor, remaining anonymous is one of the greatest accomplishments. After all, the very identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, the man who invented Bitcoin, has never been revealed. The core foundation of cryptocurrency and blockchain are built on anonymity. This is why many investors operate behind the scenes as a way to protect themselves.

Releasing one’s identity could be risky, and staying hidden is the key to crypto success; this is the concept that Dino N, a skilled trader and investor, believes in. The same man who predicted everything…

Who is Dino N.?

The founder of ND Signals and Trade, a telegram group for crypto investors, is a very intriguing individual. Apart from his name and his contributions to the trading community, no one knows much more about him. But one thing sets him apart from other trading gurus—his specific yet accurate predictions about everything.

It’s not every day that a trader accurately predicts the market tops and bottoms, foreseeing the recent 50BN project crash from top to bottom. Prior to Dino’s emergence, this wasn’t even considered logical. How could someone continue to make such pinpoint predictions about the future?

More importantly, how could a person know so much about BTC’s intermittent rise and fall, and even new COVID breakouts? The very idea of this is very unnerving and yet exciting. What else could Dino N know? To get an idea, it’s important to understand the tenets behind his earlier predictions, which have all, come true.

Dino N Predicted a Slew of Cryptocurrency Crashes

A professional trader and investor himself, Dino N dropped a bombshell on his telegram group in April/May, 2021, predicting the Crypto Crash and its exact bottom in June/July. Not only that, he also predicted another crash into the 20s for Bitcoin in December.

Both incidents happened. But it doesn’t stop there…

Dino N went further to announce LUNA’s massive “Rugpull”, a crypto crash which went straight to 0 from a market cap of 40 billion! The effects of this crash are still sending reverberations around the cryptocurrency market.

Today, his predictions are deemed to be 90 to 97% correct, which is mind-blowing. He mentioned that BTC will crash into the 20s in May 2022 and it happened. What’s more, Dino N predicted that stocks would start declining in early 2022 and enter into a bear market. At first, traders from Wall Street called his bluff. They were skeptical and began counter-trading his predictions and lost miserably.

Intrigued by Dino N’s quality analysis and accurate predictions, these traders tried contacting him to learn his “secret sauce,” but he declined their request. He remains anonymous to this day. Still, there is more that catches the eye when it comes to Dino N. He knows a lot about many things.

How Dino N. Predicted COVID

More mystifying is Dino’s outlook on the greater world. His predictions transcend the world of business and finance and pierce deep into the very integrity of the health sector.

Back in September 2021, Dino N announced that there would be some news of a COVID variant way before anyone knew it existed. And like clockwork, we received information about the new COVID variant ‘Omicron’. He also forecasted the big lockdowns in China and released information about the Shanghai breakout long before anyone knew. This left many observers wondering what would have been if they had only listened.

But how could Dino N, a trader and investor, know so much about the medical industry? It has been said that the man is a doctor who owns a private laboratory operating 3D scans and AI treatments. Like everything we know about Dino N, much of this information cannot be confirmed with a Google search. But if his earlier predictions are anything to go by, Dino N must be a certified medical practitioner who loves to stay anonymous.

Which is good, because would anyone take him serious if he was identifiable, probably not.

Where is Dino N Now?

Contrary to what you may think, Dino N is very accessible on the internet. He is the owner of “ND Signals & Trades”, a telegram channel where he shares all this info for free and warns people of critical economic events. Although his warnings are often disbelieved, some people express that he may have a “Cassandra syndrome” and may just be the most confident “Cassandra” they know.

With his group having over 51k followers, his influence is growing far and wide. It’s believed that he’s one of the Crypto Whales because of his accuracy and correct predictions. Not much is known about Dino N, but we believe he is the founder and CEO of some IT companies and local businesses. Word around is that he plans to build a revolutionary delivery company. Perceived to be in his early 20s, Dino N is already one of the youngest businessmen with 9 profitable running projects and companies.

Dino N is known for helping people completely for FREE. His passion is to help people achieve their dreams and to experience what he has. He believes that everyone deserves a chance in life, provided they dedicate and apply themselves to his instructions. A philanthropist, he has also organized a few charities.

Dino N’s most Recent Predictions

Dino N’s accuracy and professionalism in the markets have all been incredibly accurate and valuable. He recently predicted the exact bottom for Altcoins which pumped 60% the next day. Now, Dino N is predicting that the stock market will decline much more, followed by a Housing bubble.

He is very much available on Telegram and interacts amicably with followers. You can find him on telegram at: https://t.me/ndprosignals

No one knows what Dino looks like or what part of the Earth he lives in, but one thing is quite clear: Dino N. is a modern day genius.



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